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About Us

Our mission is to help businesses achieve high standards in cleaning, hygiene and health and safety. We believe that all business can meet these standards and be confident that they're doing the best for their customers and their workforce. With our products and services we can assure you that this is possible.

FEELGOOD CARE specialise in the distribution of award winning Defibrillators, First Aid Kits, training manikins and equipment. We also have our in-house trainers who can train in CPR Basic Life Support and use of AEDs

KATER4ORCE CHEMICAL supply a high class offering of cleaning chemicals from dishwash chemicals to sanitisers for catering and super concentrates which are extremely cost effective, supply fully controllable and secure dosages and reduce the need for a store cupboard full of chemicals. We can also offer COSHH training solutions.


Our programs are proven to help people with most issues surrounding cleaning, COSHH and health care in the general workplace

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